Salvini Jewels keeps on supporting the fight against Covid-19 and offers its customers the opportunity to actively contribute turning every online purchase into a priceless act of love:

1)15% of your purchase on Salvini.com will be donated to a hospital or non-profit organization of your choice to support the Covid-19 emergency.
2)Furthermore, Salvini Gioielli offers you a 15% discount that you can use to contribute to the donation or keep exclusively for you.
If you prefer to take advantage of the 15% discount, enter your coupon code in the appropriate field after selecting the payment method.


The initiative is intended solely to support activities to fight the Covid-19 virus. Please insert the name of a non-profit organization (including hospitals) currently involved in managing this sanitary emergency.

If the data entered by the Customer cannot be traced back to a non-profit organization, or if the non-profit organization or body indicated is not involved in the fight or treatment for the ongoing Coronavirus emergency, or again if the name or data inserted are incorrect, which makes it impossible to forward the donation to the appropriate recipient, Salvini Gioielli will donate the amount in question to one of the non-profit organizations or Health Institutes already supported by the company.


In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 outbreak, we took action to face the emergency by undertaking a series of initiatives to support the frontline healthcare professionals.

We donated initial 100 thousand euros to several Italian hospitals, and it will channel additional donations to help both hospitals facilities and the scientific research on Covid-19 disease.

Together with our Group, we made available to the Italian Civil Protection Department our 12.000 square meters production facility with the option of temporarily turning the hub to medical use as field hospital, shelters for homeless, storage and whatever needed.

Furthermore, we decided to pay homage with a small jewel to all the doctors and nurses working tirelessly in the Covid-Hospital of Tortona, to thank them symbolically for the great effort they are carrying out and give a smile.

In addition to these initiatives, we activated our network putting out calls for donations amid the shortage of medical supplies to make sure healthcare workers have the tools necessary to save lives and in response to the rapidly evolving of the pandemic outbreak, we implemented an insurance plan for our employees to cover home health visits and treatments.